Pinot Nero Vigna Maso Reiner
Alto Adige Doc

Technical information

Red wine vinification with maceration on the skins, starting at 12 - 13 °C and gradually increasing the temperature of the fermentation, arriving at 25 - 27 °C at the end. Cool temperatures at the beginning of the alcoholic fermentation allow for the extraction of Pinot Nero’s typical coloring substances and for these substances’stabilization with the grape tannins. At the end of the fermentation, the new wine is racked into 30 hl oak casks, in which it matures for 12 - 15 months.


Tasting notes

It has a ruby red color and a fine, typically varietal nose, with scents of wild berry fruits and of cherries, as well as hints of vanilla and tobacco. Its flavor is dry yet rounded, with an aftertaste that is long and delicately spicy.