1919 – The beginning

Giuseppe Kettmeir, winemaker, expert in wine-growing and land scientist, establishes the winery bearing his name. Caldaro, in Alto Adige, nestled among vineyards soon becomes the heart of the production of quality wines.

1964 – The bubbles

Kettmeir recognizes the potential of sparkling wines and begins producing prestigious Cuvée from Pinot Bianco grapes using the long Charmat Method. A pioneer for the area, Kettmeir plays a leading role in relaunching the local tradition for sparkling wines.

1986 –The meeting with Santa Margherita

Franco Kettmeir, Giuseppe’s grandson, finds in Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo the perfect heir for the family business. Alongside the winery’s expert oenologist, Josef Ramen, Kettmeir embarks on a new chapter celebrating the local area and concentrating on identifying the perfect grape varietals to grow and the most suitable terrain for them to flourish.

1992 – The Metodo Classico

The winery embraces a new adventure and begins producing sparkling wine by using Metodo Classico; it soon becomes the most complex and most distinctive - both then and now- of Kettmeir’s range of wines.

2000 – The Metodo Classico Rosé

A new endeavour is in the air: inspired by delicious Pinot Nero e Chardonnay grapes, the winery decides to add the refined, fresh and delicate Metodo Classico Brut Rosé to its range.

2011 – The Riserva “1919”

An especially abundant harvest inspires the first Metodo Classico Riserva from Kettmeir. At least sixty months ageing on lees and another three of resting: a slow, patient process to create Extra Brut, one of the winery’s calling cards.

2019 – The first 100 years

The fully modernized winery continues its commitment to the region it calls home and to caring for the vines which form the essence of its prestigious wines. Kettmeir is ready to celebrate its first 100 years.