A thriving and refined land

Kettmeir wines are produced in four of the most beautiful wine-growing areas in Alto Adige: Pochi di Salorno (home of Maso Reiner), Caldaro, Soprabolzano (Maso  Ebnicher).




It is perfect for Pinot grapes and Chardonnay because of its chalky terrain, with a good level of bone, clay and organic matter. On the left orographic bank of the Adige, almost on the Trentino border, this area is warmed by the currents of air from the Adige Valley and from small hilly areas behind it that produce strong temperature variations. 


The Mediterranean in the heart of the Dolomites, is a unique place distinguished by its lake and the microclimate it generates, perfect for red grapes, like Schiava and for Gewurtztraminer. The soils are glacial in origin, crumbly and deep, which compel the vines to force their roots deep down. Wines with fresh fragrances and characteristic mineral notes are produced here. In the area of Caldaro above the Winery, at an altitude of between 500 and 700 metres, we grow Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco and Nero (the basic elements of our Spumanti) and Moscato Rosa. The terrain here is calcareous rock.


At the base of the terrain is porphyry rock which naturally tends to crumble over time creating a sandy, well-drained soil. The heights vary, reaching up to 800 metres, and the climate is marked by wide temperature variations and breezes coming down from the Rosengartner-Catinaccio massif. These are ideal characteristics for our Müller Thurgau which achieves exceptional mineral and tropical notes.

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