A wine-growing region with a tradition going back a millennium like Alto Adige / South Tyrol has seen its key moments tie in with the annual and natural cycle of wine growing. The life of the generations who – from the Roman Legions, and then from the imperial edict that led to one of the most famous wine-growing schools in the world being founded here, up until our era - have cultivated the vineyards on the terraces, on the lower slopes of the Dolomites has been marked out by the succession of grape harvests whose value is only partly economic.

It is a value made up of identity, labour and sacrifice, and united families. And these are some of the stories that came to be among the vineyards...


A sparkling wine for Sissi

When you think of champagne you think of French grandeur. But, underneath it all, a good part of that savoir fair is of German rather than French extraction. Nowadays, in the grand European Union, this doesn’t seem such an odd fact.  It was different between the 18th and 19th centuries when young German (like Deutz, Krug, Mumm, Bollinger, Heidsieck and Piper) and Austrian (like Schlumberger) wine growers were moving to...

Sparkling Italy

"The chrysalis opens  and a butterfly flies out. The shapeless exterior yields the origin of a new elegance and style, full of bright, vibrant colours."

Sparkling wines: ambassadors of a style and of a Made in Italy speciality with global appeal.  Artistic photos in natural, artistic and elegantly styled settings, against the backdrop of a voyage down through our peninsula, discovering extraordinarily charming routes rendered even more seductive by the skilled eye...

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